Student Ambassador Scholarships
9 March 2009

Is your English good enough to defend things that are important to you? Could you argue with people from all around the world? Are you interested in learning more about how other people live and think?

If your answer is yes, then you might be interested in the student ambassador scholarships being offered this summer by Eckersley Oxford. Ambassadors Abroad is intended to improve understanding and tolerance amongst different countries and cultures. It will bring together young people and help them to discuss, understand and value each others' differences.

"English becomes as it should be, a means," says Marcella Ciravegna, Marketing Manager of Eckersley Oxford. "They come here, find themselves in an English environment and it is their common language.

"They will do interviews in English, use the Internet, video, microphones, learn to work together with the help of English and with a teacher assisting.

"There will be a lot of different issues: from religion to the economic crisis, and they will all be from different backgrounds. They will have to learn to express themselves whilst respecting everybody's rights and views.

"And yes, there will be arguments. That is one reason we have limited it to 16-18 year olds."

Mrs Ciravegna says each student will be representing their own area, and will take back a disc of the project to share with their school so that others can benefit from what they have learned. She got the idea from a similar scheme which she attended as a student, and which she found inspiring.

The course also includes excursions and tuition, and the students will be able to choose different types of accommodation.

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Applicants will have to write an essay in English by April 1. A limited number of full-price places will be available to students who don't want to enter the competition but have English at level B1. It is also possible to pay a deposit and agree to pay the full fee, but then enter the competition for a scholarship.

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