This week's UK news: 1 May 2009
1 May 2009

Long hot summer forecast

Britain could have a long hot summer this year, according to weather forecasters.

The last two summers have been cold and wet, with occasional flooding. Last year there was only one day when it was hotter than 30C.

This year weather experts say there is a good chance that temperatures will be higher and that rainfall will be normal. This is good news for people who are planning to take holidays in Britain this year because of the recession.

Beware of breakfast

Some breakfast cereals contain more sugar than a chocolate bar, according to new research in the UK. People are being advised to cut down on sugar and salt in their food, for health reasons.

Out of 100 different cereals sold in supermarkets, around one third contained more sugar than is recommended. And 27 out of 28 different children's cereals had too much sugar. The only one which did not have too much sugar contained high levels of salt.

Just eight of the cereals were low in sugar.

Royal Email

The Queen has sent out her first official emails. They went to 23 young people in different countries. They had all written blogs about their lives on the royal website.

Although the Queen sent one of the first ever emails, in 1976, she sends letters and telegrams. She is not likely to start sending emails routinely.

Long hot run

More than 35,000 runners took part in the annual London marathon in unusually hot weather. Most of the runners taking part in the 26-mile course are raising money for charity and often wear fancy dress.

This year's odd runners included a human chain of 29 people, a man in a Star Wars costume and a couple who got married in church after 20 miles. They then completed the run.

Quite a lot of the marathon runners start running because they want to raise money for a good cause. It can be hard to get a place in the London Marathon unless you are running for a charity which has been given places.


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