Top ten things to try eating and drinking during a British summer!
17 August 2009

If you are in the UK during the summer, it is worth looking out for some of the delicious foods and drinks that are available at this time of year.

These include puddings made from British soft fruit (strawberries and raspberries) and food which is perfect for outdoor eating – called a picnic.

Supermarkets are not the best place to buy most of these foods. Instead, look in restaurants, cafes, produce markets and specialist shops.

Here are some things to try:

  • Summer pudding. This is a delicious mixture of cooked soft fruit in a bread crust which is soaked in fruit juices. It is eaten cold, usually with cream.
  • Eton Mess. This is another pudding. It is a very rough mixture of strawberries, cream, and meringue pieces. It was invented at a famous British school, Eton College.
  • Local crab. If you’re near a fishing port look out for crab on the menu in pubs and restaurants. Salads and sandwiches are good. If you have plenty of time, a whole one will come with tools to break the shell.
  • Hot, freshly cooked mackerel fillet in a roll. You’ll find this one in seaside resorts, including a small café on Brighton’s lower seafront.
  • Local cheeses. There is a tradition of cheese making in the UK. Most cheeses are hard, and often very strong-tasting. You are likely to find hand made cheeses in small specialist shops and producer markets (called farmers’ markets). Try to find a good cheddar at least – this is the classic British cheese.
  • Soft fruit. English strawberries are delicious, as are Scottish raspberries.
  • Scottish smoked salmon. Perfect picnic food, especially in sandwiches with a little pepper and lemon juice. Do make sure to keep it cold before eating though.
  • Pork pies are perfect picnic food. This is a cold pie of chopped, peppery pork. It is surrounded by savoury jelly and rich, crispy pastry. Look for those from Melton Mowbray or hand-made ones in butchers’ shops.
  • Elderflower cordial is made from bunches of tiny white flowers which are very common in the countryside. It is usually mixed with water to make a soft drink.
  • Pimm’s is a drink which looks like a salad! It is sweet and fizzy – and surprisingly alcoholic. It usually comes with pieces of fruit, cucumber and mint in it. Don’t drink too many!


by Susan Young -


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