Student Profile: Christian Labie from France
8 September 2009

When were you in the UK?

At different periods: a few weeks when I was a student, then 15 years after I needed to use English again for my job. It was at the beginning of the nineties.

How long was your course?

Between one week and three weeks. But the best one was the longer one which helped me to become less shy in English, which is not my mother tongue!

Did you know any English before coming here?

Yes of course: a classic French training at school

Why did you choose to come to the UK?

To be in touch with English speaking people, close to France, and in touch too with the English society. I enjoy too the art of living in England.

What made you choose the language school and town?

At the first time it was through the grapevine, with friends of mine, I mean for Nab Cottage. Then I recommended warmly this lovely place and one of my daughters became a regular through lessons, summer job and the family…

Did you enjoy your time in the UK? What did you like most? Did anything surprise you?

Yes of course I enjoyed it very much. I liked the way of living, the atmosphere at Nab cottage, the pubs, and so on. 

Has learning English changed your life?

Not completely but nowadays it’s not possible to have a beginning of an international life without speaking English. So it’s quite useful for me in my job and for my summer holidays in Asia or in the States.

What are you doing now? Could you have done it without your English?

Today, I am the manager of a regional energy and environment agency, with twenty people working. Previously I was responsible in this agency of the European activity for 6 years. It was during the nineties. English helped me very much to succeed and perform this activity.

Would you recommend learning English in the UK to your friends?

I would recommend learning English in such lovely and fantastic place as Nab Cottage.  The way of teaching and the social programme fit very well.


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