This week's UK news: 7 March 2014
7 March 2014

Survey says British women are "queens of leisure"

An international survey says that British women have more leisure time than women in other European Union countries. It also says that among the world's leading economies, only women in Norway get more time to relax.

The survey says women get an average 339 minutes a day of relaxation. This is 61 per cent more time than women in China. The survey says women in the UK spend 126 minutes a day watching TV and 87 minutes meeting friends. They also do 258 minutes of "unpaid work" which includes 133 minutes of housework.

Women here don't believe the figures. "Who are these women?" asked the founder of a website aimed at mothers. She thought mothers might get 15 minutes a day to themselves.

The survey says men in the UK get even more leisure time than women, getting an extra 43 minutes free per day.

Take an Olympic swim in London

The 2012 Olympic pool in London has opened to the public. The pool in East London, designed by architect Zaha Hadid, had lots of extra seating built on to it for the Olympics but months of building work have changed it back to the original design. The pool is now very light with huge windows, and a roof supported by just three pillars. "It's currently the best swimming pool in the world," said its manager.

Now the pool is open for anyone to swim in at just GBP 4.50 at peak times. Swimmers can use the 10m high diving boards.

Sir Alex Ferguson's best teacher

The former manager of Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson, has surprised people by talking about a teacher in his primary school.

Elizabeth Thomson was an "inspiration" he said, and she gave him an attitude of "never give in" which influenced him.

She also used to punish him by hitting him on the hand with a belt. After Mrs Thomson died her family sent the belt to Sir Alex, and he keeps it at home. Sir Alex said his grandchildren were terrified of it. "Six (hits) from that belt and you were in absolute agony. But that was the sort of punishment you had," he said. Sir Alex said he was usually punished for fighting in the playground.

UK to be hotter than Greece this weekend

In the last few months people in the UK have endured the wettest winter ever. Now the weather is doing more odd things. Weather forecasters say that this weekend it will be unusually warm.

They say the temperature could be as high as 64F (18C) this weekend in parts of the UK. This would make it warmer than the South of France and Greece, which is likely to be about 15C.


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