This week's UK news: 1 August 2014
1 August 2014

Shakira loves Oxford University singers

An all-male Oxford choir has become famous round the world since Colombian singer Shakira said she loved their version of her song on Twitter and Facebook.

The group of students, called Out Of The Blue, perform Shakira's song Hips Don't Lie at university sites in the city. The video is very funny because the students are all dressed in matching suits and ties but dance like Shakira, twirling their hips.

They were surprised when Shakira tweeted their video to more than 26 million followers. The song, which will raise money for a children's charity in Oxford, has now been "liked" almost 90,000 times on Facebook.

Here's the video so you can see it for yourself.


Huge fire on Eastbourne pier

In the 19th century lots of seaside towns had walkways built out into the sea, called piers. The piers were places where people enjoyed the sea air, sat and looked at the view, and watched shows and plays.

Piers are still an important part of the UK's seaside towns. So when Eastbourne Pier caught fire this week, the story appeared on the national news with lots of local people saying how sad they were. The fire destroyed an old theatre which was being used as an amusement arcade.

The Government has said it will give GBP 2m to help repair the pier, but it will remain closed for a long time.


Heatwave triggers huge thunderstorm

Parts of England's south coast were hit by an enormous thunderstorm on Monday morning, making it hard for many people to get to work.

The storm, which was caused by the heatwave in England this week, stopped trains running because the electricity supply was hit by lightning. At least one railway station was closed because the tunnel connecting the different platforms was flooded.

Roads and some buildings were flooded, and big hailstones blocked some drains. Weather experts say this is part of a normal summer in the UK but seems odd because the last few summers have been cooler than usual.


Sea off English south coast is as warm as in California

The sea temperature has reached a seven-year high around South West England, and it is now as warm as the sea in California.

The water is over 20C in Devon and Cornwall, and close to that along all along the South coast and in Kent. That is warmer than Santa Monica beach in Los Angeles.

The temperature is rising twice as fast as usual, too, by 4C a month. Scientists say the sea is warm because of strong sunlight and light winds. It has also been warm at night so the sea does not lose so much heat as usual.


Bravery award for strange police arrest

Two police officers who arrested a man when they were dressed as a zebra and a monkey have been given special awards for bravery.

Police Constables Tracy Griffin and Terri Cave were not working, but going to a fancy-dress party, when they saw a man shouting in a supermarket. They got him to the ground and called for help.

The two police officers spent the evening filling out arrest forms and never got to the party.

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