This week's UK news: 11 September 2014
11 September 2014

International students renting London's most expensive apartments

Students arriving in London for the start of the new academic year are paying so much for apartments that they are taking over from bankers in the most expensive areas of the city.

One estate agent in the Mayfair area of London said that 35 per cent of the apartments he rents costing GBP 750-1000 a week are rented by students. He said it is not uncommon for students to pay more than GBP 2000 a week.

The doorman of one apartment block says he has never seen any student parties there. "They are very studious," he said.

New royal baby announced

Nobody was very surprised when it was announced that the Duchess of Cambridge was expecting another baby. Her first baby, Prince George, was born last summer, and there had been rumours that she was pregnant.

When the baby is born he or she will be fourth in line for the throne.

The royal family has not yet said when the baby will be born. The Duchess has very bad sickness and was not able to carry out planned visits this week, which is why the pregnancy was announced. The newspapers have suggested that this may mean the pregnancy is in very early stages.

Scotland close to deciding its future

Next week, voters in Scotland will decide whether the country stays as part of the United Kingdom or becomes independent. The debate has become more urgent as it now looks as though the result will be very close.

Politicians from London have been travelling to Scotland to urge voters to stay with the UK. Scottish politicians who want independence say the London politicians, including the Prime Minister, are panicking. There have been jokes that the news about the new royal baby is part of the campaign to keep Scotland in the UK.

English nurse who recovered from Ebola plans to return to Africa

William Pooley is an English nurse who caught the Ebola virus while he was caring for patients in Sierra Leone.

He was flown back to the UK and treated with a new drug, and has now recovered. When he came out of hospital he joked that his passport had been burned as part of controlling the infection.

Now he says he wants to go back and help more people, in the way he was helped. 


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