Ten things to do in the UK if it rains
2 December 2009

People from other countries often think it rains all the time in the UK. That’s not true. But some parts of the country are wetter than others.

Here are ten things to do in the UK if it does rain when you are staying.

  • Before you start, make sure you’ve got the right equipment. It is a good idea to have a waterproof coat or jacket to keep any rain out. You can buy lightweight waterproofs very cheaply. Umbrellas are useful but don’t work when it’s windy. This means a coat is best if you are staying in a windy place like the South Coast.


  • If it is very wet, a pair of Wellington boots (Wellies) can be helpful – and a fun souvenir to take home. These are plastic boots, often in bright colours. Small British children (and some adults!) love them, because they mean you can jump in puddles. You can buy them cheaply in big supermarkets as well as shoe and outdoor shops.


  • Now you’re ready to brave the weather! Before going out, it’s a good idea to check a weather forecast. If there are warnings about floods or severe weather where you were planning to go, then stay well away till it is safe.


  • If it is very windy as well as wet, it can be spectacular to visit the sea and enjoy the big waves. Make sure you stay at a safe distance. You should also be alert for flying stones and pebbles.


  • If you like walking, a country walk on a wet day can be fun. You will need boots or wellies. Try to stay on good paths if you don’t want to get covered in mud… but mud can be part of the fun! Rivers can also be more exciting after a lot of rain, but don’t get too close.


  • After spending time outside in the rain, the best ways to warm up and dry out are to find a café or a pub. In a café, a cup of tea and some toast can be great. In a pub, you may find a real fire to sit by.


  • Take a city bus ride and watch all the umbrellas go by.


  • If the weather is really horrible, you may want to find somewhere warm and dry. Most older British pubs are designed to make you feel warm and cosy. They are often dark inside anyway, with small windows which block out the clouds.


  • A rainy afternoon can be a great time to visit a museum or a special building such as an old church. Bigger museums, like the Natural History Museum in London, have a cloakroom where you can leave coats and umbrellas.


  • Buy a packet of crumpets (a traditional British bread for toasting and buttering) on your way home and share them with your host family or flatmates.


by Susan Young - susan@englishuk.com


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