This week's UK news: 28 November 2014
28 November 2014

Glass walkway breaks after two weeks

Tower Bridge is one of London's best-known places. It is the bridge which opens to let boats through. It also has an upper level which was built so that people could still walk over the river when the main bridge was open.

The upper level has been used as a museum for years, and for people to admire the view. Two weeks ago the upper bridge reopened with a glass floor so that you can see the river and the bridge below.

The walkway cost GBP 1m. This week, one of the glass panels shattered when an empty bottle dropped on to it. The bridge staff say each glass panel has five layers of glass and only the top one was broken so it was easy to mend. Glass bottles are now not taken near the walkway. 


Formula 1 won by Briton

Lewis Hamilton won the world racing title for the second time at the weekend. He is only the fourth British racing driver to win more than one title, and the first to do so in 43 years.

Hamilton won the title by 67 points, and won the final race of the season in Abu Dhabi. He was congratulated by Prince Harry, who thanked him for not making his British fans worry about whether or not he could win the title.


British children's character on show in the cinema

Paddington Bear is a much-loved children's story character in the UK. He is a bear from Peru, who is sent to London with a label which says "Please look after this bear". He is found at Paddington Station in London by the Brown family, who take him home and let him eat marmalade (jam made out of oranges).

Now Paddington has been made into a film, and if you want to know more about London and life in Britain, it's a good one to go and see. You'll see Paddington exploring the Tube and some of London's sights. It is also very funny, and although it is intended for children adults who have written about the film say it is very good.


Women's football takes over the UK's best-known stadium

The biggest matches in the UK take place at Wembley Stadium in London - if they are played by men. This week women took over the stadium for the first time for an international game. for a friendly game played by the England team against Germany.

Germany won the match, but the game was shown on British TV and 55,000 fans bought tickets to go and see the game. Organisers say they could have sold more but wanted to be sure everyone could get to the game safely on a day when engineering works affected trains to the stadium. 



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