This week's UK news: 12 December 2014
12 December 2014

Cafe selling breakfast cereal opens in London

London is now full of cafes and restaurants selling amazing food from all over the world. It is hard to find something new. But this week Alan and Gary Keery opened something new: a cafe selling breakfast cereal.

The cafe sells breakfast cereal from all over the world, including an Oreo type from South Korea and flavoured Kice Krispies. It offers a bowlful with a choice of milks and toppings for GDP 2.50. And the cafe will be open until 10 at night for those people who just fancy a very sweet snack.

If your English is very good, you may understand the joke in the cafe's name. It is called Cereal Killer. A serial killer, which is spelled differently but pronounced the same, is what we call someone who kills lots of people.


Mr Bond returns

A new James Bond film is being made. It is called Spectre and will star Daniel Craig as the British spy, 007, again. There are clues in the name about the plot, because Spectre was the name of an evil organisation run by Bond baddie Blofeld in some of the older films.

The film will be directed by Sam Mendes, like the last two, and other actors in it include Ralph Fiennes, Ben Whishaw, Christoph Waltz and Naomie Harris. The film is being shot at Pinewood Studios in England, like many of the older ones. 


Public service TV theme park

In the UK some of our best-loved TV shows are on public service TV, called the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). The BBC is hoping to create a theme park near London wiht rides based on some of its best shows.

No details have been released yet but people think the entertainment resort may include programmes like the science-fiction show Dr Who, car show Top Gear and the detective programme Sherlock. The resort would also include attractions based on some Paramount films which include Star Trek.


Henry VIII marriage bed in London

Henry VIII is the UK'smost famous king. This is because he was so desperate to have a son that he ended up divorcing and executing some of his wives, ending up with six in total. In the process he also changed the religion of the UK to create the Church of England.

One of Henry's marriages did not work from the start. It was to a princess called Anne of Cleves, who turned out to be not so pretty as her picture. The marriage went ahead but the pair divorced. Part of their bed, with ornate carvings, is now on display at Bonhams in London over Christmas. The pair played cards in the bed - and that's all.

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