This week's UK news: 11 December 2009
11 December 2009

War on pink

Two mothers have started a campaign against pink toys and clothes for girls.

Pinkstinks says girls are being targeted with pink fairy dresses and wings. It says girls are being encouraged to be “pink, passive and pretty.” It says for the past 20 years shops have aimed different toys at boys and girls.

Holiday in space

Sir Richard Branson, who runs Virgin Atlantic airways and train services in the UK, has launched his new travel firm.

He has created the world’s first spacecraft for ordinary passengers. The Enterprise will start flying in 2011, taking passengers into space on a two and a half hour flight.

Flights will cost £120,000.

Art prize surprise

The biggest art competition in the UK had a surprising winner this week.

The Turner Prize usually causes lots of arguments. Famous entries have included rooms with lights going on and off, a horrible messy bed and pottery with rude drawings on it.

But this year the judges have caused a real surprise. The winner is a really pretty painting made with gold leaf. Nobody expected something which lots of people like to win the prize.

Financial gloom for Christmas

The Government announced its new tax plans this week. It needs to raise lots of money because of the financial crisis.

This means that many people will have to pay more in taxes. The only tax which has been lowered was for people playing bingo, a lotto-style game. This caused lots of laughter when it was announced.


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