This week's UK news: 27 March 2015
27 March 2015

Boyband loses one of its members

One Direction is a UK all-male band which is currently on a world tour. This week, one of its singers, Zayn Malik, flew home from the tour and then announced he was leaving the band. This has created a lot of publicity and a lot of reaction on Twitter among the band's millions of fans.

The band was created on the TV show the X Factor in 2010 and has been incredibly popular since. A lot of fans have blamed Zayn's girlfriend but he said: ""After five years, I feel like it is now the right time for me to leave the band."


Top Gear presenter sacked

Jeremy Clarkson, who is famous for driving cars in the TV show Top Gear, has lost his job. This is because he shouted at and hit a member of staff after a day's filming the show in the UK. Mr Clarkson had arrived at the hotel where the team were staying and was angry because it was late at night and he could not have the hot food he wanted. 

There has been a lot of argument about what the TV company should do about this. The BBC is a public service broadcaster and has very high standards of behaviour. It also makes a lot of money out of Top Gear, which is a popular show and is sold to countries all over the world. 

Nobody knows if the other two Top Gear presenters, James May and Richard Hammond, will stay on the show. It has been popular partly because of the way the three worked together. 


Scotland has the most friendly people in the UK, says research

A big survey has been done of what people are like in different parts of the UK. Almost 400,000 people took online tests set by scientists at Cambridge University.

They found that the most friendly and calm people in the UK live in Scotland, while Wales had the highest number of shy people. There were most outgoing people in London, Southern England, Yorkshire, Manchester and parts of Scotland. The least outgoing people were in the North and the East  Midlands. The most friendly places outside Scotland were in the north, south-west and east of England.


UK actor takes over popular US show

James Corden is a British actor who is probably best known for his role in a comedy show. Everyone was a bit surprised when the US TV network CBS said he was going to be the new host of the Late Late Show, because he is not well known there.

Corden did his first shows this week, with Tom Hanks and Mila Kunis his first guests. The show used a British format, where the guests stay together on the sofa for the whole time, rather than arriving and leaving after their interview. 

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