This week's UK news: 13 July 2015
13 July 2015

Prince William starts his new job

Prince William, who left his job as a Royal Air Force helicopter pilot last year, started his new job today. He is a pilot for the East Anglian Air Ambulance service. This means that if somebody needs to be taken to hospital very quickly, they can be taken in a helicopter. 

The Prince will work four days on, four days off, and carry on doing his usual Royal duties. He is being paid, but giving his salary to charity. He says he is "hugely excited" by the work.

The charity hopes that having Prince William as a member of staff will help it to raise more money for its work. The air ambulance is based in Cambridge, but will cover four counties in the East of England. 

It has also been announced that there will be a street party next year in London to celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday. Around 10,000 people will go to the lunch, outside Buckingham Palace, next June.


Not living a healthy life can mean you die earlier

Scientists in Cambridge had found that people can shorten their lives by up to 23 years if they do not lead a healthy life. Heart disease and other problems can mean people die earlier - and most cases can be prevented by keeping weight down, exercising, eating a healthy diet, not smoking and not drinking too much. 

Millions of people in the UK have one of these health problems, and almost 100,000 have all three. 


Asian singer helps save a historic house

Jay Chou, a singer from Taiwan, held his wedding party at a historic house in Yorkshire called Castle Howard earlier this year. Since then the website has had a 400 per cent rise in visits as as a result has created site maps in Mandarin and accepts a Chinese credit card in its shop.

Castle Howard is 300 years old and it costs a lot of money to keep it well-repaired so the house's owners are selling some of its treasures. The house's owners hoped to raise more than GBP 10m from paintings and other historic items, and hoped there would be lots of interest from Asian buyers. 


Prisoners complain about puzzle

Prisoners at Exeter Prison like to do the weekly Sudoko puzzle in their local newspaper. But last week 86 of them working together still couldn't find the answer.  They decided it was impossible - but they could not get the answer from the next edition of the paper as they only get it once a week. So they wrote to the paper to complain. 

It turned out that the prisoners had made a mistake in the middle section of the puzzle. 


Wimbledon ends 

Two weeks of Wimbledon tennis finished at the the weekend with Serena Williams and Novak Djokovic as singles champions.

Djokovic, who was the defending champion, beat Roger Federer. He had earlier knocked UK player Andy Murray out of the championship. It is the sixth time Serena Williams has won the women's championship, and she is now holds four major titles. 

Wimbledon is unusual because it is played on grass, and in the open air.

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