This week's UK news: 17 July 2015
17 July 2015

101-year-old woman breaks world record

Doris Long likes to raise money for charity, and especially a hospital for people who will not recover from their illnesses. 

This week she set a new world record for walking down the outside of a building suspended on ropes (abseiling), at the age of 101. She started abseiling at the age of 85, and last abseiled a year ago.

This week she came down the 94-metre high Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth, and said it was very hard work but she enjoyed it. She wants to take part in the event again next summer. 


Queen Victoria's underwear sold

A pair of underpants worn by Queen Victoria over a hundred years ago were sold this week for GBP12,000. The underpants had the initials VR on them, and fit somebody with a 45 inch waist. 


How British grass looks so good

One in five gardeners has cut the grass in their garden with a pair of scissors to make it look neat, a new survey has found. 

Around one in five have watered their grass at night so that the water soaks in well. But 13 per cent said they only tried to make their grass look good to impress their neighbours, and 70 per cent said they struggled with grass in their gardens.


GBP 140m worth of flats sold in four hours

More than 200 apartments in East London were sold in four hours this week - but they won't be ready to live in until 2019. Not all of the flats in the 41 storey building were for sale - the most luxurious apartments on the top floors will have a separate sales event. The flats were bought by investors from all over the world: London property is a very popular investment at the moment.

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