This week's UK news: 25 August 2015
25 August 2015

Airshow disaster kills at least 11 people


At this time of year, airshows are very popular in the UK. The shows usually include historic aeroplanes in fly-pasts and stunts. 

Last weekend there was an airshow at Shoreham, near Brighton. But one 1950s plane crashed on a busy road after flying a loop, with a fireball visible to all the show's spectators. The police think around 11 people may have died on or near the road, but are still identifying victims. 

The pilot of the plane was pulled from the wreckage and is very seriously ill in hospital. There are new rules now for planes flying at airshows, and investigators are trying to find out what caused the crash.


Artist creates opposite to a theme park

Banksy is a well-known graffiti artist from Bristol. He is in the news this week because he has just opened a giant art project which he describes as a "family theme park unsuitable for small children". Dismaland is in an old swimming pool in the seaside town of Weston-Super-Mare and people have been queueing to get into it.

It includes a model of a dead Cinderella in a crashed pumpkin coach, a burned out castle, and a whale bursting out of a toilet. Lots of well-known artists have created parts of the park.


British teenagers get their exam results

GCSE exam results were announced last week and boys have improved slightly on last year, with more getting A*-C grades. This may be because there is now less coursework and the final exam is more important. 


UK athletes perform well at World Championships

Greg Rutherford, the British long jumper, added World Championships gold to his Olympic, European and Commonwealth gold medals. Only four other UK athletes have ever been the champion of all four events at once.

And Jessica Ennis-Hill was also delighted after winning Gold in the Heptathlon event: she had a baby, Reggie, last summer and only returned to competitive sport in May.

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