This week's UK news: 11 September 2015
11 September 2015

Queen breaks record 

This week Queen Elizabeth became the person who has ruled the UK for the longest time. Before Tuesday Queen Victoria held the record. Now Queen Elizabeth has been "on the throne" for over 63 years. To be precise, she had ruled for over 23,226 days and 16 hours. She did not mark the day (she travelled on a new railway in Scotland) but lots of other people did.


Here's a sport you won't have heard of

You may not know what gravy is but let us explain. It's a sauce you get with meat or chicken, usually made with juices from the cooking. But you can also get gravy for vegetable dishes, and gravy which people make from powder and boiling water. It can be complicated. But it is a British way of adding liquid to meals.

That is not all gravy can do. This week there was "wrestling" (fighting) in gravy. The World Gravy Wrestling Championship began a few years ago to publicise a food festival. Now only the gravy wrestling remains and it attracts people from as far away as Australia.. One of the judges admitted that they are looking for entertainment more than talent. 


Changes to traditional shopping

In the 20th century, most people got milk delivered to their door every morning. The "milkman" brought milk and also cheese, eggs and yoghurt. Milk deliveries are less common now as supermarkets open 24 hours a day and there are lots of local shops. But now one of the UK's oldest milk companies has stopped bringing milk to people's doors. Bond Brothers says it is does not make business sense to deliver milk to thier 350 customers any more. 


Sometimes it rains in the UK

August is a summer holiday month in the UK - and we have just had the wettest August ever.  By August 26 rainfall was 11 inches. There was 22 per cent more rain than usual and the London festival the Notting Hill Carnival was badly affected by rain. 


Historic gem stone sells for first time in 100 years

A pink stone called the Hope Spinel is going to be sold to the person who offers the most money. It originally belonged to a man called Henry Hope, who had a fabulous collection of jewels. When he died almost 200 years ago his family argued for a year over who should own them.

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