This week's UK news: 9 October 2015
9 October 2015

TV baking show breaks records

The Great British Bake Off is a TV competition. Each weekend, the group of people who like to bake meet in a large tent and are given challenges to bake, which often includes cooking something they've never done before. Each week, the two judges decide which baker should leave, and two presenters tell lots of awful jokes.

This week was the final episode of this year's competition, with three bakers left. The winner was Nadiya Hussain, who cried when she was presented with her prize - and the judges cried too. Her final bake was the wedding cake she didn't have because she married in Bangladesh - a lemon cake with icing, decorated with dress material in the colours of the UK flag. The programme got 14.5 viewers, the highest figures since last year's World Cup final.


Police museum opens to the public

The "Black Museum" at Scotland Yard police station in London is usually only open to police officers. But for the next six months it is open to the public, with more than 600 items on show. 

The exhibition, at the Museum of London, includes the first fingerprints ever taken, and items relating to well-known crimes, such as the Jack the Ripper murders in London over a hundred years ago. 


Liverpool football team sacks manager

Brendan Rodgers has been removed as manager of Liverpool FC, an hour after the team drew against its local rivals Everton last week. The team has won 3 out of 11 games this season. Rodgers is being replaced by Jurgen Klopp, who was a successful coach with German team Borussia Dortmund.


Supermarket carrier bags no longer free

If you shop in an English supermarket and want a carrier bag, you will have to pay five pence for it thanks to a new law. 

People already have to pay for carrier bags in Scotland and Wales.

However, the law change in England is less clear than in other parts of the UK where you will have to pay for all carrier bags. In England, smaller shops do not have to make you pay for bags, and you may not have to pay if your shopping includes items like loose vegetables. This is confusing people. There have also been stories of people taking supermarket metal baskets to their cars so that they do not have to buy a bag.  

The supermarkets give all profits from selling the bags to charity. The law has been changed to encourage people not to use so many bags.

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