This week's UK news: 24 November 2015
24 November 2015

Japanese rugby team coach joins England

Eddie Jones, the rugby coach who transformed Japan into a team which beat South Africa in the Rugby World Cup, has joined England.

The England team did not do well in the Rugby World Cup although it was the host nation for the event, and has been looking for a new coach. Now there are hopes that he can help the team before the Six Nations tournament begins in the New Year. He said: "It's got to be the best job in world rugby."


Historic underwear goes on show at London museum

David Beckham's pants and Kim Kardashian's corset will go on show at London's Victoria & Albert Museum from next March. A huge exhibition will outline the history of underwear, including shape-changing corsets from the 19th century and stockings worn by members of the Royal Family. Undressed: A Brief History Of Underwear opens at the V&A on April 16 2016. 


More older mums than younger mums

Last year, more babies were born to women aged 35 and over than to those under 25, for the first time. 21 per cent of births in England and Wales were to older women, compared with 20 per cent for younger women. New mothers were most likely to be aged 25 to 35, with the average age for first-timers 28.5. Fathers tend to be older, too: last year two-thirds were aged at least 30.

Also, 29,000 of the babies were born to women over 40 for the fourth year in a row. This has not happened since the years following World War II.


Footballer's goal scoring record

Jamie Vardy, who plays for Premiership Club Leicester City, is having a good season. He has scored in each one of the last ten games. That means he has equalled Ruud van Nistelrooy's record with Manchester United. Leicester City, which is new to the Premiership, is in top place. If Vardy scores in his next game, he will be trying to beat a record of 12 consecutive goals set in in the 1930s.

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