This week's UK news: 7 December 2015
7 December 2015

UK towns flood after huge storm

Several towns in the North West of England flooded at the weekend after a month's rain fell in 24 hours.

Storm Desmond dropped 340mm of rain - about 13.5 inches - on areas of Cumbria, Yorkshire and Scotland. Lots of families had to be evacuated out of their homes when rivers flooded, and bridges have been swept away by high waters. One of the UK's main railway lines between London and Scotland has also been flooded. 

Thousands of homes were without power and fresh water during the weekend, but electricity and water workers have been working long hours to fix the damage.


British birds disappearing 

More than a quarter of bird types in the UK need help to make sure they survive. The situation has got worse since 2009, when a fifth of bird types needed help to survive.

67 different types of bird are on the "red list" created by a bird charity. They include the sea bird the puffin, cuckoos and starlings, which fly in a spectacular patter in the winter.

Some species have been moved off the red list. Experts say that birds are having problems because where they live is disappearing, and because the climate is changing.


British climbers fight off bear in Canadian mountains

Two British climbers were attacked by a grizzly bear when they were climbing in the Rockies in Canada. They had to fight the bear off with their bare hands. One man had to use his hands to push its mouth open when the bear was biting him. 

The bear bit through the boot of one climber and attacked his leg. The other climber ran for a ski pole and hit the bear until they could escape. The pair then had to get their equipment which allowed them to get down the mountain again. Greg Boswell, the injured climber, had to have hospital treatment for his bite wounds. 


Woman runs 60 marathons in 60 days

Alice Burch has run 60 marathons in 60 days to raise money for a charity for animals. Miss Burch broke the women's record for 17 marathons in 17 days, and the men's record for 52 marathons in 52 days.

Her average time was around five hours. Some marathons took four hours, and some took seven when she had injuries. She sometimes ran with her three year old daughter, Lois.

Miss Burch started running the marathons after a friend died, and has juggled the running with working, recovery time and looking after her daughter. She has raised GBP 3,000 so far and hopes to raise £60,000 for the animal charity.

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