This week's UK news: 1 February 2016
1 February 2016

Nobody solves spy puzzle

GCHQ, one of the UK's intelligence agencies, released a Christmas card with a complicated puzzle to solve. The puzzle had several stages, and each one had to be solved in order. More than 600,000 people from all over the world have tried to crack the code. 

The deadline for solving the puzzle came this week, and although 30,000 people made it through to the final stage, nobody managed to complete it all.


Somebody wins GBP 33m

There was lots of excitement last month when the UK's National Lottery had a prize worth GBP 66million. The prize had grown because it is now harder to win, and lots of people bought tickets.

One couple came forward to claim their win, but the lottery company knew there was another winning ticket. One lady said she had washed a winning ticket in the pocket of her trousers, which meant it was damaged and not complete.

But the lottery company now says a winner has come forward to claim the prize - and that the ticket is not damaged. The winner has asked not to be named. 


UK's Parliament may have to close for repairs

Members of Parliament may have to leave their famous building in London for six years so it can be repaired. 

The famous Palace of Westminster needs lots of work done on the buildings. MPs are considering the options. It would be cheaper for all the MPs and Lords to move out for six years, and do their work in courtyards of other Government buildings in London. This would cost around GBP 3.5 billion and take six years. The other idea is to do the work over 32 years and keep the buildings open for use. This would cost over GBP 5.6bn.


Explorer dies crossing Antarctic

Henry Worsley, a former soldier, wanted to be the first man to cross the Antarctic without help. He almost managed it. He trekked over 900 miles in 70 days. But just 30 miles before reaching his target, he became so sick and exhausted he had to give up - and died a few days after his rescue. He raised more than GBP 100,000 for military charities, and Prince William and David Beckham were among many people who talked about their sadness. 

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