The GREAT video project - promoting UK summer programmes
6 March 2016

The GREAT Britain campaign is a UK government campaign designed to showcase the best of what the UK has to offer to the world and to encourage people to visit, do business, invest and study in the UK.
English UK is currently engaged in the delivery of two GREAT Britain campaigns. Both are being delivered under the GREAT campaign pillar 'English is GREAT' (‪#‎EnglishisGREAT‬). They both aim to promote the UK as the best place to study English. One GREAT campaign is focussed on Brazil and the other China.

In 2016 English UK will continue to build on the momentum of last year's 'GREAT' campaign in China. In addition to the annual agent inward mission, China Roadshow and UK Sumer School directory booklet, there will be five other initiatives run with British Council China. One of these is an English is GREAT video campaign, aimed specifically at the summer short course market.
In 2015 four videos were produced which achieved over 400,000 views on Chinese social media. Late last year, a second series of four videos was made, this time focussing on the variety of  short English language course available in the UK. This latest series of videos is currently being promoted through major Chinese social media channels (such as Sina Weibo and Renren) by British Council China.

We've uploaded copies of the four films to our English UK YouTube channel so that people who are not signed up to Chinese social media can also access them:

To find English UK member centres that run these types of course use our course finder tool.

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