This week's UK news: 23 March 2016
23 March 2016

New Rolling Stones song found after 50 years, comedian runs 27 marathons, UK woman teaches cooking to the French, and a very romantic wedding.

Every week, we summarise the UK news to give you some insight into what is happening in Britain, and what people are talking about.

New Rolling Stones song found

A man has found a tape with a lost Rolling Stones song in his attic, more than 50 years after they recorded it. 

No One Loves You More Than Me was recorded during one of the Stones' first recording sessions in 1964. It was recorded on a tape with several other songs, but for some reason the Rolling Stones didn't want it.

Four years later, Jeremy Neilsen found the tape when he visited a friend at the studio, and was allowed to take it away with other recordings that were going to be burned. He put the tapes in a box - and forgot about them for almost 50 years until he read the biography of guitarist Keith Richards, and realised the band had recorded at the same studio. 

He found that the tape had nine tracks, one which has never been released at all, and three which have been released in different versions. Mr Neilsen says he is amazed that he didn't know what was on the tape at the time, and that there is no other version of No One Loves You More Than Me. The tape is being sold in April.


Comedian runs 27 marathons

Eddie Izzard is a much-loved British comedian who performs in several different languages and usually wears high heels, make-up, nail varnish and often a skirt.

He is also keen to do good. Every two years in the UK there is a major charity fund-raising event called Sports Relief, and ordinary people, sports people and celebrities take part.

Izzard went to South Africa to run 27 marathons in 27 days, to raise money and to remember the 27 years Nelson Mandela spent in prison. A medical problem meant that he ended up running the 27 marathons in 26 days. This is an even more amazing achievement since Izzard is 54 and doesn't do much training for running (he's done lots of marathons for charity before). He ended up raising more than GBP 1m.


Homeless man marries the woman he helps

One of the happiest stories this week is of a wedding. Jack Richardson was homeless and begging for money to pay for a bed for the night. He asked Toni Osborne for money - and she started crying because she did not have enough money to pay for electricity and was going to spend Christmas in the dark.

He gave her some money, and the pair would start talking whenever Toni walked past. When the empty building where he was living was boarded up, Toni let him stay in her house. He asked her to marry him on the same spot where he gave her the money.

Toni cannot work because of health problems and Jack gets money by selling a homeless magazine on the streets (though he is doing a degree online). So friends and people who heard about the couple gave them wedding rings, clothes and a cake to celebrate their wedding. Richardson said: "I'm 10 miles high. I am the proudest man on the planet."


UK woman teaches French how to cook

Trish Deseine, a food writer from Northern Ireland, isn't well known in the UK, But her 12 cookery books, written in French, have sold more than a million copies. She is the best-selling author of cookery books in France, and has been named by Vogue magazine as one of the 40 most influential women in the country. 

People say she has changed the way ordinary French people cook. Her recipes are practical and have helped French people stop worrying that they will not live up to their high expectations of food.  "Perhaps it took someone who was an outsider to say you don't have to go through 50 complicated steps," she said. 

The owner of a cookery book shop says she learned to cook from one of Deseine's books, and that you would never have seen her practical advice in a French book 15 years ago." 

All the books until now have been about French food. Deseine's latest book is about Irish cooking.

Deseine moved to Paris after university, marrying a Frenchman she met in London. They had four children, but the couple are now divorced and she has moved back to Ireland.

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