Student Profile: Takahiro Hashimoto from Japan
26 March 2010

Takahiro Hashimoto, from Japan, was a whisky salesman for a Japanese import company until he studied English at English UK member Live Language in Glasgow. Now he is doing a completely different job.

What made you choose the school where you studied?

I was travelling around Scotland by myself and I booked myself on an English course at Live Language just for one day.

At that time, I could hardly communicate with native speakers so I consulted the School Director, Adell Mitchell, about how to study English, what to do, where was the best place to live in Glasgow and so on.

One year later, I came to live in Glasgow and started learning English at Live Language.

What did you like best about your time in Glasgow?

I made new friends immediately at the school, I enjoyed Glaswegian and Celtic music every weekend, I adored the Scottish culture and I was taught English by kind, friendly teachers.

I studied for nearly a year at the school and my English skills improved a lot. I studied English every day at the school and I enjoyed Glaswegian life after my lessons.

Did learning English in Scotland change your life?

Yes. I recently changed my career from working as a whisky sales officer for a Japanese import company - to working as an English Teacher at Nisco (or cram school) in Japan. This was a big career change for me and Live Language in Glasgow was very important in helping me achieve this goal.

Would you recommend studying in the UK to your friends and family?

I absolutely insist that studying in the native country is the best way to learn English. Please challenge yourself with a new life and with new pals!

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