This week's UK news: 4 July 2016
4 July 2016

Wimbledon players take towels home with them, Adele is bestselling artist again, Welsh football team does well in the Euros and nicer-tasting strawberry comes to British supermarkets. 

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Wimbledon players love the special towels

It is the second week of the Wimbledon tennis tournament in London, and we have learned something new. The Wimbledon-branded towels are so popular that players take them away, when they shouldn't. 

Around a quarter of the 6,000 towels produced for the tournament every year go missing, and tennis players like Andy Murray and Venus Williams have said that they do take some. Now junior players are being given plain white towels if they ask for a second one.

But there are advantages to the popularity of the towels. George Spring of Wimbledon says the towels go all round the world and are a good advertisement for the tournament. 

At the end of every year, the tournament's towels are washed and sold to raise money for charity.


Adele at top of charts again

The British singer Adele sells a lot of albums. Her third album, called 25, is the top-selling album in the UK again after she performed at the Glastonbury festival last weekend. Sales of the album rose over 250 per cent after her performance. Her first album also came back into the top 40.  

Coldplay, who also played Glastonbury, had a 28 per cent rise in sales of their album.


Wales do well in the Euro tournament 

There is one UK team left in the Euro tournament, and it's from one of our smallest countries: Wales. 

The Welsh team beat Belgium 3-1 in the Euros quarter-final on Friday night, cheered on by an army of supporters in the stadium and lots of viewers at home.

It is the first time the Welsh team has got into a major championship since the 1958 World Cup. Wales has been more of a rugby-supporting nation, so this is something new.


Nicer tasting strawberry comes to UK supermarkets

Strawberries and cream are the famous UK summer pudding. Most of us buy strawberries from supermarkets in the UK, and one type, called Elsanta, has been the best seller for years because it grows well, looks nice and travels well. However, people say it doesn't taste as good as other types of strawberry.

Now a new type of strawberry is appearing in supermarkets.

The Malling Centenary has been developed in the UK during the last eight years. It is easy to pick and travels well. It is supposed to taste better than Elsanta, and strawberry experts say it will become the best-selling supermarket strawberry soon. 

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