What is your favourite play by Shakespeare?
28 July 2016

What's your favourite play by William Shakespeare? Romeo and Juliet? Macbeth? Hamlet? A Midsummer Night's Dream? Would you like to read excerpts of it aloud to an international audience?

That's what some students at language centres here in the UK had the chance to do.

William Shakespeare is probably the famous British author ever and although he died 400 years ago, he is a writer who still speaks for all people and nations. As part of his 400th anniversary celebrations, students and teachers at English language centres in the UK were filmed reading parts of their favourite Shakespearean stories.

They were helping us make promotional videos for a social media campaign in China called 'Shakespeare Lives: Play your Shakespeare'. People from 36 accredited English languages centres took part. Some even had the opportunity to perform in a professional recording studio in London. Others filmed themselves at their schools in locations throughout the UK.

In April the British Council China promoted these professionally produced films and they had over 358,000 video views!

Although we can't promise that you too can be a film star, you can still join in the celebration of Shakespeare's 400th anniversary. Tweet using #ShakespeareLives; or perhaps go to one of the many global events or activities happening throughout 2016.

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