This week's UK news: 10 August 2016
10 August 2016

Every week, we summarise the news to give you some insight into what is happening in Britain, and what people are talking about. 
This week, find out about the cocktail bar that blocks mobile phones, the Pokemon fan who's caught them all, our new Olympic swimming star (and his nan) and why we should walk to the shops. We're also giving you a preview of a new Harry Potter exhibition. 

UK has new Olympic star

Adam Peaty, who is 20, is at his first Olympics. He is making a big impact: he set a world record in one of his 200m breaststroke heats. Then he broke his own record in the final, where he won gold.
Adam's grandmother - who calls herself his nan - is also famous. She is watching his races on the TV in the UK, and Tweeting about it. She is using the hashtag #Olympicnan and has got lots of followers in the last few days. 
Did you know one English UK member, Millfield School, has 9 current and former pupils in the Olympics? 

UK Pokemon fan catches 'em all

Sam Clark, a father of four from Southampton, is the first person in the UK to have caught all the creatures in Pokemon Go. He has also lost two stone in weight and walked 140 miles.
Mr Clarke downloaded the game before it was officially available in the UK, and has caught all of the 142 Pokemon here. He has also caught a Tauros which is only available in the US. He did this by getting an egg and hatching it. He has reached Level 24 of the game. He plans to continue playing for fun.

The bar that blocks mobile phone signals

A cocktail bar owner in the UK has put metal in the walls so that customers cannot use their mobile phones.
Steve Tyler, the owner of the Gin Tub, which is in Hove (next to Brighton) says he hopes customers will talk to each other rather than look at their screens. He is using scientific principles discovered in 1836 to turn his bar into a "Faraday cage". Mr Tyler says he has had one complaint so far. This was from a customer whose phone did work in the bar. So he moved him to a different table.

Walk to the shops to get fit, UK told

The UK's health chief says online shopping is making us unfit. Dame Sally Davies says we should make little changes to our lifestyles, walking to the supermarket and back with bags. 
Figures show that only a quarter of women and a third of men do enough muscle strengthening exercise each week, and carrying shopping would help with that.  Also, half of women and a third of men miss the target of 150 minutes of exercise, such as brisk walking, each week. 
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