This week's UK news: 8 September 2016
8 September 2016

Every week, we summarise the news to give you some insight into what is happening in Britain, and what people are talking about.

This week: Houese of Parliament to close for six years, Pink Floyd reunite, the UK's most popular baby names and London remembers the Great Fire.

London remembers the Great Fire

This weekend, London remembered the devastating fire which wrecked it 350 years ago. The fire began in a bakery in Pudding Lane, near London Bridge. By the time it was over, more than 13,000 houses were destroyed, as well as many churches including St Paul's Cathedral. 

The city was rebuilt to the old street pattern, but with many new and beautiful churches designed by Sir Christopher Wren, including the domed St Paul's Cathedral. The dome of St Paul's Cathedral dominates the central London sky, but that is only because of the fire - the old cathedral had a spire. 

The memorials this weekend for the 350th anniversary of the fire included a huge wooden reconstruction of the old city, which was floated on the river and set on fire. Flames were also projected onto the dome of St Paul's.

There is a monument close to where the fire started, with great views over London. 


Pink Floyd reunite - for a museum

If you've heard of the Dark Side of the Moon, you've heard of the band Pink Floyd. They were the world's biggest band in the 1970s, pioneering a new kind of pop music sound and astonishing live shows. 

The band have no plans to play together again, but they have been persuaded to put on a huge show of their work at the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) in London. The V&A is the world's leading museum of art and design which put on a very successful David Bowie show recently, including music and costumes, which made Pink Floyd decide they could create something special. 

Surviving band members Nick Mason, David Gilmour and Roger Waters have spent time finding instruments, artwork and even the special sound system used by the band. Mason said: "If you think you know everything there is to know about Pink Floyd, come and find out."

The exhibition opens at the V&A in May 2017. It is called Pink Floyd: Their Mortal Remains. 


The UK's top baby names

Every year, a UK government department tells us what babies were called in the previous year. The most popular baby girl's name was Amelia, followed by Olivia, Emily, Isla and Ava. For boys, the most popular name would have been Muhammed, but it is spelled several different ways and each is counted separately. So the top names are Oliver, followed by Jack and Harry. 

Names which are becoming more popular include Aria, Clara, Willow and Ivy for girls, and Jaxon, Carter, Reggie and Albert for boys. 


Houses of Parliament to close for six years

The UK government plans to move out of the famous Houses of Parliament so that the buildings can be repaired.

Members of Parliament will meet and work in buildings close to Big Ben for six years from 2022. This is because the Parliament buildings need a lot of repairs and building work and it is cheaper to do if everyone moves out. 

The stonework is crumbling, the roof is leaking and fire safety is not good enough

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