This week's UK news: 14 September 2016
14 September 2016

New words for English

Every year, the Oxford English Dictionary announces the new words it is adding. It is very careful about the words it includes and they have to be used quite a bit before they are included.

This year one of the words is moobs. This is short for "man boobs" and is used about men who are unfit or overweight. Another new entry is YOLO, which stands for You Only Live Once. And another is Yogalates, which is a cross between the two exercises of yoga and pilates. 

Everyone's listening to the radio

The UK's oldest radio drama has been in the news for the past few months. The Archers, which has been running since 1950, is a story about farming families. It is on the radio every weekday evening and has lots of fans but it is not normally very exciting.

But the latest storyline is about a character called Helen. Helen is being badly treated and bullied by her husband - but he isn't hitting her. Instead he is controlling her and making her feel worthless.

A few months ago Helen attacked her husband, because she thought her son was in danger. She was then charged with attempted murder. The court case was on the radio this week - and she was cleared. But the creepy husband has warned her she won't escape.

Paralysed woman first over the line at a half marathon

Claire Lomas is paralysed from the chest down, and she is four months' pregnant.

Yet she managed to walk the Great North Run, a half-marathon. She was first over the line when the race finished - but started five days before everyone else.

Claire was wearing a robotic bodysuit, which she bought after raising GBP 50,000. She walked around three miles a day with her husband, Dan, and visited schools to talk to children. 

In the past she has finished the London Marathon, but that took 17 days.

Claire says it is important for people with spine injuries to stay fit. She raised around GBP 20,000 for a spine injuries charity with the walk, and has raised more than half a million pounds over the years. 

Olympic runner Mo Farah, who also did the run, said Claire was an inspiration. "To have the courage to be able to compete is amazing," he said. 

Jeremy Clarkson and the new house

Top Gear made Jeremy Clarkson one of the world's most famous TV stars. He was well-known for doing things just because it was fun.

He is planning to build a new house in the same place as his old house. But he didn't get the old house knocked down like most people do. He hired a firm to come and explode it.

Neighbours said they heard a series of explosions. "All that's left is a huge pile of stone," said one.

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