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26 May 2017

Nearly a Royal wedding

Do you remember the last Royal wedding, where Prince William married Catherine Middleton? If you do, you will also remember that the media was very interested in the bridesmaid, Pippa Middleton, because of her figure-hugging dress.

Pippa Middleton is Catherine's sister. Since the wedding, there has been lots of stories written about Pippa's relationships and who she would marry. This weekend it all came to a head, when Pippa married James Matthews with many members of the Royal family as well as tennis player Roger Federer in the wedding party. 

Prince George and Princess Charlotte also attended the wedding, and there were two very grand parties afterwards.

Drama school teaches women how to get top jobs

The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, where actors including Benedict Cumberbatch were trained, is teaching women how to succeed in challenging jobs.

The courses teach women how to dress, how to hold their bodies, and how to get their voices heard. They are open to female graduates applying for their first jobs, particularly in male-dominated industries like finance and law.

Liz Barber of RADA says: "Our courses are trying to give women the skills they need."

Cheap ring is actually huge diamond

Car boot sales have been popular in the UK for several decades. These are when people get together, usually in a field, and sell old clothes, toys or household goods from the back of their cars.

This week we heard the story of a woman who bought a ring for £10 at a car boot sale years ago. She liked it so much she wore it all the time, and did not think she had to be careful with it. Now she has found out that the stone is actually a very large diamond, and so she has decided to sell it. It is likely to sell for £350,000 in July.

Jewellery experts say that nobody realised the stone was a diamond because it was not cut to make it sparkle, as it would be now, but to keep it as big as possible.

James Bond actor dies

Sir Roger Moore, who played James Bond in seven films in the 1970s and 1980s, has died at the age of 89.

Newspapers and social media in the UK have been full of stories about how nice Moore was, joking about how he acted by raising one eyebrow or the other, and signing autographs for fans.

His first film as Bond was Live And Let Die, and his Bond was played in a much more jokey way than by other actors.


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