Daniela from Chile shares her experience of learning English in London and exploring the UK
5 June 2017

Daniela González is a 31-year-old dentist from Santiago in Chile. She studied at English UK member Bethnal Student Academy in London for ten weeks.

Why did you choose to come and study English in the UK?

Because I love Europe, I like the British accent and I love London. I read about the Academy on the internet. I need better English for my Master's degree.

Do you like your school?

I like it very much. The academy is very good because the teachers are very friendly and I can improve my English. When I arrived to London I didn't speak English and now I can do it. I am very happy.

What do you think of the UK?

I am enjoying the UK and I have been to lots of tourist places like the London Eye, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and also Oxford and Bath. I enjoy travelling around the city. It's a very nice place.

What do you think of the people?

People are very friendly, very kind and friendly. People help you on the street.

Would you recommend studying English in the UK?

Yes, it's a great experience. You can learn so much in a few weeks.


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