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6 November 2017

Blue Planet II attracts most TV viewers

You might have seen Blue Planet on TV in your home country. It was a UK TV series looking at life in the sea, and it has been very popular all over the world.

Now the same team, including presenter David Attenborough, have made Blue Planet II. The new series started on UK TV on Sunday night and got more viewers than top-rated reality shows The X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing.

Over 10m viewers saw the first show, which included amazing film of a huge fish jumping out of the sea to try to eat a flying bird. The programme also included fish which change sex.

Belfast named Lonely Planet's top place to visit in 2018

Do you know about Belfast? It is the main city in Northern Ireland, part of the UK – and it has just come top in a list of places the travel guide Lonely Planet says you should visit in 2018.

So what is attracting the visitors? A lot of money has been spent in the city in the past decade, making up for the years where the region suffered The Troubles, 30 years of political unrest and violence.

Now there are lots of reasons to visit. Game of Thrones has been filmed in Northern Ireland, and lots of people visit to see the locations.

Visitors are also interested in the Titanic, the luxury passenger ship which was built in the city and sank on its first journey to the USA. There is a fantastic new Titanic museum, and visitors who come to see that can also eat a Titanic menu in a local guesthouse.

Visitors also come to see the grave of footballer George Best, and to visit places around the city which were affected by The Troubles, including the amazing pictures and messages painted on walls, and a prison.

Lewis Hamilton breaking records in Formula 1

This weekend, UK racing driver Lewis Hamilton won his fourth world Formula 1 season. This means he has now won more seasons than any other UK racing driver and is equal with German driver Sebastian Vettel and Alain Prost of France.

The greatest winner of all time was Michael Schumacher, who won seven seasons. Experts say that Hamilton may be able to meet or beat this record, because of his age. Hamilton is 32, the same age that Schumacher was when he won his fourth title.

Hamilton is also chasing Schumacher's title for winning most races. Schumacher won 91 over his career, while Hamilton is in second place with 62.

Great British Bake Off ends

One of the most popular programmes in the UK is the Great British Bake Off, a cooking competition held in a luxury tent over two months. The show began on the public service broadcaster the BBC, and slowly got a big audience who liked the drama of the baking, the judges and the jokes made by the presenters.

But the programme was made for the BBC by an independent company, which sold the Bake Off to a different channel this year. One judge and the two presenters decided not to move with the programme and so fans worried the show would not be so good.

The first series on the new channel with new presenters went well, until the last day. Then, one of the judges accidentally tweeted the name of the winner, hours before the final appeared on TV. 

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