Student Profile: Eric Shang, China
13 September 2010

Erhui Shang (Eric) is 28 and comes from North East China. He has been studying general English at  English UK member centre Alpha Meridian College in London.


What made you choose to study at Alpha Meridian in London?

I had a friend studying here already. I hadn't got any other information about it.

Are you enjoying your time in the UK?

Yes, very much. I stay in London all week and travel at the weekends. I go to places like the Isle of Wight and Brighton. I really enjoyed Brighton, it's a lovely city.

And we play football in the park every week, with the other students and my teacher. Our teacher really likes it. He has been playing football in the park every Thursday for nearly ten years. His former students come and we all play together. It's very funny.

Has anything surprised you about the UK?

It's all good, except the weather.

How much has your English improved?

I've gone from elementary to an IELTS 6.12 which is what I need for university. In China we learned English but didn't get much opportunity to speak and listen: it's a problem for us.

Why did you want to improve your English?

In China we fight for jobs, we don't apply for them.

If you want to have a good position you need to struggle and you need to be able to speak good English. It's better to learn here than in China.

How will improving your English change your life?

I am doing a Masters in Engineering and Business Management at Kings College in London from September, and I needed the English to study that. I did my first degree in mechanical design in China, and then I worked for three years.

Would you recommend studying in the UK to your friends?

Yes. My college is really good with skilled teachers who know how to motivate students. It's a really good college and has given me a lot of opportunity. They've asked me to give presentations on China to the other students. It's been a really good way to learn English.


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