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12 January 2018

Shakespeare theatre gives Shakespeare experience

The Globe in London is a modern theatre built just like the one that was thee in Shakespeare's day. It has an open roof and some of the audience stand (and get wet if it rains). Now the theatre is trying more of the things that happened in Shakespeare's day. Instead of hiring actors to play each role this summer, it will hire a team of actors. They will then decide who plays which part.

Also, when the Globe company goes on tour around the UK, they will have three plays rehearsed (The Merchant of Venice, The Taming of the Shrew and Twelfth Night). Most nights, the audience will vote for which play they want to see. This is also something which used to happen in Shakespeare's time.

Baby polar bear born in Scotland

Zookeepers at the Highland Wildlife Park in Scotland believe a polar bear has been born – or possibly two.

They are not sure because they do not want to disturb the mother. Baby polar bears often die in the first few weeks because they can catch lots of illnesses and because if their mother is disturbed she can attack or abandon them. There was a video camera in the mother's bedroom but she has knocked it down so the only way the keepers know about the baby is from hearing noises.

They fed the mother extra during her pregnancy so that she can live off her fat reserves, as she would in the wild. The zoo workers do not expect to see the baby for another six weeks or two months.It is the first polar bear born in the UK for 25 years and is likely to be very popular with visitors.

Don't buy dogs with squashed noses say vets

Pugs and French bulldogs are very popular types of dog in the UK at the moment. They have big eyes and squashed noses and have cute baby faces. They are also popular with celebrities like Lady Gaga.

But these dogs can also have bad health problems and UK vets are now highlighting this to suggest owners choose either a different type of dog or one which does not have such an extremely short nose.

The dogs can find it very difficult to breathe and have problems with skin, eyes, teeth and giving birth. Vets have warned that unless people choose less extreme versions of the dogs, the number of operations needed will rise.

Advertisers have also agreed not to use these dogs.

Forest planned for north of England

The government has given over GBP 5m to start planting a forest stretching from coast to coast in the north of England. The project is expected to cost GBP 500m over 25 years, with money coming from different sources. The idea is that the forest will help the environment, cut the risk of flooding and create jobs.

The UK is one of the least forested countries in Europe. Just 10 percent is covered by woodland, compared with 31 percent of France and 37 percent of Spain.

Planting begins in March in Bolton and will include trees down 120 miles of the M62 motorway.

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