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16 February 2018

Royal TV series makes dogs more popular

The Crown is a Netflix series about the Queen and her family, and the first two series have been about the 1950s and 1960s. The episodes show the Queen and Prince Philip at home with their family – and the Queen's dogs.

The Queen has always had a breed of dog called a Corgi as a pet. Corgis are pale brown, with very short legs, and the Queen has owned at least 30 of them.

Recently Corgis have not been popular with other dog owners, and was on a list of breeds at risk of dying out. But the Crown seems to have changed that. Since December, there has been a 20 per cent rise in people asking about owning a Corgi puppy, and the Kennel Club (which registers dog breeds in the UK) thinks this is because of the TV series.

"It has increased interest," said David Robson.

Corgis also had a starring role in the London 2012 opening ceremony, in a short film with the Queen and James Bond.

UK's National Health Service reminds people to be healthy at home

Ten new "healthy towns" are being planned in the UK. In these towns, new houses will have technology built in which can check if people living there are doing enough exercise and remind them if they spend too long sitting down. The technology could also monitor people who are older or unwell, and send reports to their doctors.

So far the plans cover new houses being built in ten towns, but there are hopes to make the scheme wider.

Tom Cruise gets an unusual view of London

Film star Tom Cruise likes to do his own stunts. This week, there have been lots of pictures of him on the 300ft high tower of a London art gallery on the Thames riverbank.

Cruise is standing on the edge of the tower as two helicopters circle round him.

He is filming the sixth Mission Impossible film. Just six months ago he broke his ankle jumping between two buildings, also when filming.

Beatles "worst musicians in the world" says record producer

Quincy Jones is a record producer who was involved in some of the biggest-selling albums ever, like Michael Jackson's Thriller.

He is now 82 and has given a very open interview to the New York Magazine, where he is rude about lots of people – including one of the UK's biggest bands, the Beatles.

"They were the worst musicians in the world," he said, going on to be very critical of Paul McCartney's bass playing and Ringo Starr's drumming. He also said that Michael Jackson stole "a lot of stuff" from other artists.


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