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7 March 2018

How UK people helped each other in the snow

If you were in the UK last week, you probably saw some snow. Only a few areas escaped, with even London getting a few snowstorms. Some places were very badly affected, getting deep snowdrifts, which cut villages off, got people stuck on trains overnight, and led to cuts in power and water supplies.

But lots of people tried to help each other. Drivers with four-wheel-drive cars took nurses and doctors to work. One surgeon walked for hours through the snow to operate on a patient. A family doctor slept in his surgery, and medical staff slept in hospitals.

A delivery driver for Greggs, a national bakery company, handed out cakes to drivers and passengers stuck on the A1. Farmers used their tractors to help clear roads and rescue cars which were stuck in snow.

It is still snowing in some parts of the UK, and deep snow is still on the ground in a few places. Villages near the Lake District are still cut off from transport.


First man to run a four-minute mile dies

Sir Roger Bannister is famous in the UK as the first man to run a mile in under four minutes. In 1954, when he broke the world record, runners around the world had been trying to beat a time of 4 minutes 1.4 seconds set in 1945.

Bannister did it on a windy night on a track in Oxford he had helped to build. He did the run in four minutes, 59.4 seconds supported by two friends who later won their own Olympic golds or world medals. One of them, Chris Brasher, went on to create the UK's first marathon in London.

Bannister's record only lasted for 46 days before it was broken in Vancouver by an Australian runner. Bannister retired from running and began a long and successful career as a nerve specialist.


Fish-friendly teabags launched

UK people have been campaigning to cut down on the use of plastic since a documentary series about the sea showed the problems it causes. The documentary was Blue Planet II, presented by one of the UK's favourite people, Sir David Attenborough, and so it had a huge impact.

We found out that one thing which contains plastic are teabags – and we use hundreds of millions of them every year. There have been campaigns to get the plastic out of teabags and this week it was announced that one of the biggest tea companies, PG Tips, is launching its first eco-friendly teabags and will remove plastic from all its teabags by the end of the year. A national supermarket chain, the Co-Op, has also announced that one of its own-brand teabags will have the plastic removed. It sells an amazing 367m teabags per year!


Digital media outsells print in UK for the first time.

People in the UK spent a record GBP 7.2m on all forms of music and games last year, beating the £7.1bn spent on books, magazines and newspapers for the first time.

The biggest sellers were Ed Sheeran's album Divide, the games Fifa 18 and Call of Duty, and films including Beauty and the Beast, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Moana, and Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them.

People bought more music and films through streaming services than DVDs and CDs for the first time, but are also buying more old-fashioned vinyl records and console games on discs.

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