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11 May 2018

London is world's best student city

A new report says that London is now the best city for students in the world. It comes top of a list of a hundred study destinations, and has beaten last year's winner, Montreal in Canada.

The city has more world-leading universities than any other. It also scored well for accepting students from different countries and backgrounds, getting jobs, safety, and the number of students who wanted to stay after their courses ended. It did not score so well for being easy to afford.

The report says: "Anything you want to try, see, eat, learn or experience: it's here."

The other cities in the top five include Tokyo, Melbourne and Montreal. Other UK cities in the top 100 include Edinburgh, Manchester, Glasgow, Coventry, Nottingham, Birmingham, Aberdeen, Newcastle and Brighton.

Another new study has found that 41 per cent of London's students are international, up 34 per cent since 2012. There were more than 112,000 international students in the city last year, contributing GBP3.45 bn to the capital and helping to support 39,800 jobs.


Historic glasshouse reopens

Kew Gardens is a famous London park which specialises in unusual plants. It also has an amazing greenhouse, which opened in 1862. It is the largest 19th century greenhouse in the world, big enough for fully-grown trees. It is the size of three jumbo jets.

The Temperate House has just reopened after a five-year project to repair it which cost GBP 41m. 15,000 pieces of glass have been replaced and all the soil and plants were removed, including fully-grown trees. All the ironwork has been scrubbed and the original decorations highlighted.


Take your own picnic to the Royal Wedding

Prince Harry is getting married next weekend, and he and Meghan Markle have invited 1,200 ordinary people to watch them arrive at the church. They include people who have worked with charities the couple support, and young people who have worked to help the places where they live.

But this idea has turned out to be controversial. The guests have been told to bring their own food to the event – even though the Royal Family's wealth is estimated at over GBP 400m.


Football fans worried about former Man U boss

Sir Alex Ferguson was in intensive care in hospital this week after having a bleed on his brain. He managed Manchester United for almost 27 years until he retired in 2013, and fans all round the world were worried about his health.

After an operation on his brain and several days in intensive care, Sir Alex was moved to an ordinary hospital room.

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