Student news: heat, handbags, and climbing Nelson's column
14 June 2018

World's most expensive handbag for sale in London

A ten-year-old handbag will probably become the most expensive ever sold in London this week. The Hermes bag will be sold at Christie's by auction, which is when people offer higher and higher prices until only one buyer is left.

The handbag has a white gold lock covered in diamonds, and is likely to sell for more than GBP 150,000. The most a handbag has sold for in Europe until now is GBP 155,000.

Prices have risen because art collectors now like to buy handbags. Some of the bags in the London sale are signed by artists, such as one with the red Nasa logo on it. Other bags in the sale are much cheaper and look like robots, Russian dolls and perfume bottles.

Is this the world's most expensive student accommodation?

There is a big tower block in the middle of London called Centre Point, which was built in the 1960s. It has just been updated and turned into luxury flats.

One of the flats will be home to an 18-year-old student from China, who starts at University College London in September. The flat cost her parents just under GBP 5m, and has two bedrooms and views over London. The student will also be able to use the building's gym and swimming pool.

The most expensive flat in the block costs GBP 55m and includes five bathrooms and a terrace.

The building's property director said she had been surprised that a student would be living there to start with, Then she realised that the student's parents had wanted to make sure she was close to her studies.

Hottest May in 100 years gets UK people in their gardens

The weather in the UK is always weird. Sometimes it rains, sometimes it's hot, sometimes it's windy – but it changes a lot.

We had very cold weather and late snow this year, so a heatwave last month was surprising. We have just had the hottest May for a hundred years.

This has made some UK shops very happy. Garden centres sell plants, garden furniture, tools and barbecues. They had dreadful sales in the early part of the year because the weather was so terrible. Sales were so good in May that they made up for the earlier problems.

There has also been a huge rise in the sale of cacti, because the plants are so popular on Instagram.

Is this the scariest way to see Trafalgar Square?

One of the most shared items on social media in the last few weeks has been a film of John Noakes, a children's TV presenter, climbing up Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square.

John did the climb in 1977. He was the most famous presenter of the children's show Blue Peter, and was well known for doing daring things.

The column is 52 metres high, but Noakes did it up ladders tied on with rope, with no harness, safety equipment or helmet. And then he cleaned the pigeon poo off the top. The film is terrifying. Don't try it yourself!

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