Student Profile: Alena Pakhomenka from Belarus
16 December 2010

Alena Pakhomenka is 30 and comes from Minsk in Belarus. She is studying at United World 2 School of English in Bournemouth.

What made you want to come and study English in the UK?

To be honest I'm obsessed with English – it’s my passion. I’ve always wanted to improve and I wanted to be as close as I could to a native speaker.

I went to the US years ago and I didn’t like it there. I thought English spoken in England would be more beautiful and classic than in America. I don’t have a husband or children so I thought I’d go and see the world, with the priority of improving my language.

What course are you doing?

I am very academic and I am trying to do as much as I can. I am doing proficiency in general English at the moment, and then I hope to do a business course. I’ve been here three years and 11 months.

I have got a degree in teaching English and I taught it in a school for three years, but I knew it was different to the English you speak in the UK.

What made you choose your school?

The agency in Minsk already had a student at the school, and it had a good reputation. I came here and knew I would learn. I do like my school which is why I haven’t changed it.

What do you like about the UK?

I came to Bournemouth and I fell in love with the town. Life is quite different to being in Minsk and I am really enjoying this experience.

Has anything surprised you about living in the UK?

I am always pleased when I see elderly people walking holding hands. It is nice to see things like that, and older people enjoying life. Back home people over 35 sit at home looking after the kids. There are some very appealing things here in England.

How will improving your English change your life?

I am quite ambitious and I am thinking of going back home and opening a nice little school. That’s why I want to do a business course: I’m not a business person.

Would you recommend learning English in the UK to your friends?



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