This week's UK news: 28 January 2011
28 January 2011

Football commentators cause controversy

One of the biggest news stories of the week has been caused by two football commentators.

They were recorded being rude about a female match official, and suggesting that as a woman she would not understand the offside rule. One was also rude about a well-known female football manager. The sexist remarks were not broadcast.

Further evidence of the men's poor behaviour towards women then appeared. Sky Sports sacked one man for "unacceptable behaviour" and accepted the resignation of the other.

Gay couple win court case

An English hotel has been found guilty of discriminating against a gay couple. Martyn Hall and Steven Preddy were turned away from the hotel in Cornwall, because the owners said they did not allow unmarried people to share a double room. The hotel's owners are devout Christians.

In the UK gay couples can undergo a "civil partnership" which is similar to marriage, and Mr Hall and Mr Preddy had done this. The court said this meant they should have been allowed a double room.

Police investigate phone hacking

Four years ago a journalist and a private investigator were jailed for illegally listening to voicemails on the mobile phones of the Royal Family. 

Since then, there have been many claims that other journalists on the same newspaper had illegally listened to the voicemails of well-known people. Several cases have been settled privately, with large sums of money being paid. But police had said there was not enough evidence for more court cases.

Now the situation has changed. A senior journalist on the newspaper involved has been sacked, and new evidence given to the police. There is an official investigation into whether more journalists acted illegally, and also whether more newspapers were involved. Public figures including the former Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, have asked police if their phones were targetted.

Facebook bans Kate Middleton

This is the silly story of the week. A lady called Kate Middleton was locked out of her Facebook account because they said she was an imposter. This is because there is a more famous Kate Middleton, who is going to marry Prince William in April.

Facebook has apologised and promised to get Miss Middleton back into her account.

The story is even sillier because Miss Middleton's boyfriend also shares a name with a famous person. He is called Jonathan Ross, the same as a well-known British broadcaster. Mr Ross has not had any problems with his Facebook account.


by Susan Young


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