Everything you need to know about… the Royal Wedding
29 April 2011

Lots of people in the UK and round the world are very excited about the Royal Wedding between Prince William and Catherine Middleton (although lots of people in the UK are NOT interested). It is the biggest ceremony in central London for years, with thousands of people expected to watch the procession to Westminster Abbey and back to Buckingham Palace.

Here are a few more facts about the wedding:

  • Catherine and William have asked for donations to be given to their favourite charities instead of wedding presents


  • There was a full rehearsal of the procession to Westminster Abbey during the night just days before the wedding. Almost a thousand members of the Army, the Navy and the Royal Air Force


  • The event was very carefully organised, with non-Royal guests seated in the Abbey more than an hour before the ceremony. The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh arrive just before the bride.


  • The Abbey is decorated with British trees and flowers. The flowers have been chosen for their special meanings. Many are not cut flowers but plants brought from Royal estates. The eight 20-foot high trees will be replanted after the wedding and so will many of the plants.


  • The bride's bouquet is traditionally placed on the tomb of the Unknown Soldier after the wedding


  • Catherine Middleton was travelling to the wedding in a Rolls Royce. The newly-married couple had a choice of two horse-drawn carriages to travel back to Buckingham Palace. One would be used if it was sunny because it was open-topped. The other was for heavy rain


  • There are two wedding cakes, not one. There is a traditional fruit cake and an uncooked "fridge cake" made of crushed biscuits and chocolate which was apparently Prince William's favourite.


  • The newly-married couple will kiss on the balcony of Buckingham Palace for the crowds outside at 1.25pm.


  • One man started camping out in front of Westminster Abbey five days before the wedding. John Loughrey said he wanted to make sure he was in the best place to see the event. People were also waiting outside the hotel where Catherine Middleton and her family were staying. They cheered when the wedding dress was carefully carried inside.


  • Famous guests at the wedding include footballer David Beckham and his fashion designer wife Victoria, singer Elton John and comedian Rowan Atkinson, best known as Mr Bean.


  • More than 8,000 journalists and TV crews from round the world came to London to cover the wedding.


  • Lots of schools asked children to dress up the day before the wedding. There were also hundreds of street parties organised during the day, which was a public holiday.  This meant a very popular slogan on souvenirs, which included mugs and T shirts, was "Thanks for the free day off".


By Susan Young - susan@englishuk.com


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