This week's UK news: 18 November 2011
18 November 2011

Warmest autumn in the UK

Weather forecasters think this autumn will be the warmest ever recorded in the UK.
The weather since September has been so unusually warm that the season could be the warmest in 353 years. The average temperature for November so far is the same as it usually is for May, just before the summer begins.
Last weekend the South of England was warmer than Syria, and Cardiff in Wales was warmer than the Greek island of Corfu.

Heavy metal band returns

Black Sabbath was one of the world's most famous heavy metal bands for decades. Their loud, fast rock music is thought to have led the way for other metal bands, and they sold more than 70 million albums. MTV described them as "the greatest metal band of all time."
Their best known album is probably Paranoid. They were also well known for the stage performance of singer Ozzy Osbourne, who later bit the head off a real bat as he sang.
Now the band has announced that it is going to record a new album and tour together.

UK men get hairier

People in the UK like to raise money for big charity events. This month you are likely to see lots of men whose top lips are unshaven.
This is because it is "Movember" -- an annual event in November where men are sponsored to grow a moustache. The money raised goes to charities for prostate cancer, a disease which affects men only.
More than 110,000 men registered to take part in the UK last year, and many men are appearing on TV with new moustaches. Some people even like it so much that they keep the moustache in December.

Birthday party for the Bible

The King James Bible was the version which was read aloud in British churches for almost 400 years. It has had a huge influence on the English language because it introduced so many sayings and phrases into every day use.
This week there has been a big celebration in London's Westminster Abbey for the 400th anniversary of the translation by 47 scholars. It was the third English translation and the most influential.

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