This week's UK news: 20 April 2012
20 April 2012

Not enough clothes in top UK shop

Marks and Spencers is the UK department store which sells us most of our underwear. This week it had to admit that it had not stocked enough of the clothes people wanted to buy earlier this year.
The weather became very cold in February and people wanted to buy winter coats, cardigans and jumpers -- but Marks and Spencer did not have enough in stock. The shop says it sold 100,000 cardigans and jumpers, but could have sold three times that number.
The shop also did not stock enough fashion items, such as clothes with printed patterns and ballet shoes for women. All this meant that sales fell slightly and so the company's share price fell on the London stock market.

Water shortage gets worse

Half of the UK is now a drought area, and the country is facing its worst water shortage since 1976, it was announced early this week. More than 35 million people are now living in drought affected areas, and many have been told they must not water their gardens, wash their cars, or fill pools using hosepipes.
It has rained very heavily throughout the UK all week, and is likely to do the same next week as well.

Four young girls win acting awards

Four girls aged 10 and 12 won top acting awards this week. They all share the leading role in the London musical, Matilda, based on the book by Roald Dahl.
The girls won Olivier awards, which are for performances on stage, not film or television. The four take it in turns to play Matilda, each doing two shows a week, and one of them, Eleanor Worthington Cox, is the youngest Olivier winner ever.
Two other actors also shared awards. They are Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller, who both starred in a production of Frankenstein. This was very unusual because they took it in turns to play the two leading parts of Frankenstein and the Monster.

Giants take over the city of Liverpool

The story of the Titanic is being told over a three-day event in the streets and parks of Liverpool using three giant puppets.
A giant girl, 30ft (9m) tall started the performance when she "woke up" in a park on Friday morning with her dog. Her uncle, who is 50ft (15m) tall, arrived during the afternoon and the pair were due to walk around 23 miles (37km) through the city before meeting up and sailing down the River Mersey on Sunday.
The Sea Odyssey story is based on a letter written to a young girl to her father, who worked on the Titanic and died when it sank in 1912. In the Liverpool puppet show, which was expected to be watched by more than 250,000 people, the uncle is a diver who swims to the Titanic to bury the girl's father and bring back a letter from him.

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