This week's UK news: 25 May 2012
25 May 2012

Queen celebrates anniversary with lunch

The Queen's 60th anniversary celebrations continued this week with a grand lunch at Buckingham Palace.
21 kings and queens were invited from all over the world. It was the largest meeting of this kind since Queen Victoria celebrated her golden jubilee in the 19th century.
Many of the monarchs at the dinner are also relations of the Queen. This meant that there were hugs and kisses as well as formal greetings.

Unusual award-winning radio show

The Sony Awards is held each year to decide which are the best radio shows in the UK. There was a surprising winner this year.
The Gold award in the entertainment category was won by Beryl Renwick and Betty Smith for their weekly show on local radio in the East of England.
Betty and Beryl are 90 and 86, and started broadcasting six years ago.
They started doing their programme by accident. They were both members of a social club for older people which visited the radio station. They asked presenter David Reeves if he could play them some Frank Sinatra and ruffled his hair. This gave him the idea for the programme.

The invisible art exhibition

A very strange art exhibition opens in London next moment. It is about invisibility and emptiness. The director of the Hayward Gallery says: "It's the best exhibition you'll never see."
The art works include invisible ink drawings and a plinth which pop artist once Andy Warhol stood on. There is also the police report about a piece of invisible art being stolen from a car.
There is a more disturbing work. One room contains a very fine mist. The water making the mist has already been used, to wash the bodies of murder victims.
The exhibition is at London's Hayward Gallery from June 12 until 5 August.

Rain stops for garden show

The Chelsea Flower Show is the best-known garden show in the UK. It is held in London every year, and is a highlight of the year for many people.
This year's show was opened by the Queen and one of this year's unusual exhibits was a garden made like a pyramid with scaffolding tubes and trailing plants.
The show is made up of many gardens competing to win prizes. It is always difficult for the gardeners to make sure all the plants they use are flowering. This year has been almost impossible because it has been unusually wet and cold for the past few weeks, but this week that changed into a heatwave in much of England.
There are some very unusual gardens at this year's show. One is modelled on the empty zone between North and South Korea. It includes many plants brought out of the area, which was not easy to do.

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