10 reasons why you should study English in the UK
13 June 2012

Thinking about studying English? There are many good reasons to choose the UK to improve your skills for higher education, business or pleasure. Here are just ten of them:  

  1. The UK has the largest range of English language courses in the world. You can study Ielts or General English – but you can also combine English with law, football, art and design, horseriding, tennis, or many other interests. More unusual courses include one where students make radio programmes, and another taught entirely in London's museums and art galleries. Find your perfect course in the 'students' section of the English UK website.

  2. British qualifications are recognised and valued throughout the world.The qualifications you earn in the UK can boost your career and help you earn a better salary, no matter where in the world you choose to work. When you study in the UK you can gain an internationally-recognised language qualification. Our academic and professional qualifications are also recognised all over the world.

  3. The UK has some of the best language teaching centres in the world. An excellent guarantee of quality is to choose one of the 450 centres which are members of English UK, the national association of English language teaching centres. Every member is accredited by one of the world's oldest and most rigorous inspection schemes for English language teaching, Accreditation UK. This makes sure that you are well-taught and looked after properly, and also ensures the centre is managed properly. Accreditation UK is run in partnership between the British Council and English UK.

  4. We've got lots of experience in teaching English. One of English UK's members, the London School of English, celebrates its 100th birthday this year. And no matter how old or new the centre, you'll find the latest teaching methods in use alongside tried and tested techniques to ensure everyone learns to the best of their ability.

  5. Studying in Britain is great value for money. You'll find a fully-accredited course to suit all budgets, whether you prefer to study in a busy city, a lively seaside resort or a quiet country town.

  6. The UK is the place everyone's talking about this year (and it's always a great place to visit). We've had the Queen's Jubilee celebrations, and the Olympics and the Paralympic Games are on their way. Why not come and join the party? And there is lots to enjoy here every year. Grand ceremonies, like the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace, or the Lord Mayor's Show in London, are open to everyone – and so is lunchtime or an evening in a cosy, friendly British pub. International students find a very warm welcome in the UK, and tell us how friendly British people are.

  7. Our cities are some of the most cosmopolitan and friendly places in the world. Study in the UK and you'll make friends from many different countries and in most cities, you can eat food from every continent.

  8. The UK is a fantastic place to explore. In one small nation you'll find four separate countries – England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – each with their own distinct cultures. We have some of the world's most beautiful landscapes, some of its greatest museums, some of its liveliest cities and some very colourful history, all within easy travelling distance of each other. You'll want to spend time exploring historic London, with its world-famous landmarks, museums and galleries. There are beautiful cities to enjoy, such as Oxford, Cambridge and Edinburgh – and we have thousands of enchanting little towns and villages. And if you want to explore Europe as well, you'll find the UK has great rail, air and train links.

  9. The UK is the home of the English language. Where else would you want to learn it?

  10. Studying English in the UK makes you likelier to study at university here. The latest research shows that almost 60 per cent of international students who won a UK university place were already studying here, usually on English language or international foundation year courses. Doing a pre-university course here is also a great idea because you'll have the chance to get used to UK life and culture with the extra support language centres provide.

Want to find out more? The English UK website is a great starting place to find out more about studying English in the UK, with student pages in 11 languages and the course finder to help you find the perfect place for your studies.


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