This week's UK news: 5 October 2012
5 October 2012

James Bond is 50

.. and the famous secret agent is being used to encourage visitors to the UK.

Today is global James Bond Day, the 50th anniversary of the first film, Dr No. It is also the day when the 23rd James Bond film, Skyfall, comes out. The title track is sung by Adele.

Visit Britain has organised a new advertising campaign in 21 countries, with the slogan Bond Is GREAT Britain and there are two competitions, one of which offers the winner the chance to "Live Like Bond" on a visit to the UK. That probably does not mean driving speedboats and shooting people.

Man gets stuck in bin

Thousands and thousands of British people shared a photograph of a man with his head stuck in a street rubbish bin on Facebook and Twitter. The photo showed the man bending over the bin with his head stuck inside.

William Middleton, who is 53, had to be rescued from the bin in Aberdeen, Scotland. Firefighters cut the top off the bin. Mr Middleton said he put his head in the bin because he was looking for his hat. He said his friends had now started calling him "bucket head".

Eggs say a lot about you

Newspapers like to print silly stories about odd research. This week's oddest story was about eggs. Scientists have used maths formulas to compare people's personalities with how they like their eggs cooked.

They found that people who liked poached eggs were happier and liked cheerful music. Boiled egg eaters were disorganised, scrambled egg eaters were careful not to reveal too much and omelette eaters were disciplined.

The average poached egg eater had two children, is more likely to be a woman than man, and to have one brother or sister.

Wrong sort of sport stops children joining in

Government ministers in England want schoolchildren to take part in more team sport at school - games like football, rugby, netball and hockey. They say it will help children get fitter and also to work as part of a team.

But a new report says competitive team sports is not what children and teenagers want to do. It says they will not encourage young people who don't do any sport to take part. The report, which was launched with Olympic gold medallist Mo Farah, says dancing, cheer leading and frisbee throwing should be offered to encourage young people to take part.

Police investigate dead TV presenter

Jimmy Savile was a radio DJ and TV presenter who worked on shows for children and young people. He also raised millions of pounds for charity by running marathons, and helped out in hospitals. He got a special award from the Queen for his charity work (he became Sir Jimmy Savile) and when he died last year at the age of 84 there were special TV programmes about him.

But another TV programme about Sir Jimmy was shown this week and it gave a different view of him. It interviewed five women who said that when they were young teenagers in the 1970s Sir Jimmy had sexually assaulted them. Other women and former TV and radio staff have told similar stories. Now the police are going to look into the stories.


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