Student Profile: Olga Kurganova from Russia
8 November 2012

Olga Kurganova is a 27-year-old lawyer from Rostov-on-Don in Russia. She is studying General English with academic skills for three months at English UK member centre,
Anglia Ruskin University

What made you want to come to the UK to study English?

I am a lawyer in Russia and I have started to do mediation (this is where people talk about their differences rather than getting a court to decide what should happen). I need English to read books about mediation, because we don't have a lot of books about it in Russia. So I thought I would come here and do a short course and order the books I need. Mediation isn't very popular in Russia so anyone who wants to be a mediator has to learn English. England is the mother of mediation!

Are you enjoying yourself?

I adore it here. It is a really great experience and I am enjoying every moment here because of the different culture, the different thinking and lifestyle. It's very different to Russia. It makes me think more about my own life and my future.

Has anything surprised you?

I was shocked by how people drive - it's very different. In Russia people drive on the right side of the road!

Also, people are so polite here. Seriously, they say sorry so many times, and excuse me.

What made you choose to attend Anglia Ruskin?

I found it on the internet and I thought it was very unusual. I liked that all the seminars are with different lecturers and teachers. In Russia it would be the same teacher for all the language classes. And I like the classes on how to study, for example.

How will improving your English change your life?

It will mean I can study mediation, as all the books are in English.

Would you recommend studying English in the UK to friends and family?

Yes, I definitely would.

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