This week's UK news: 23 November 2012
23 November 2012

The perfect snack?

People in the UK love a cup of tea and a biscuit. And what lots of people really love is to dip their biscuit in the hot tea before eating it. We call this 'dunking'.
Now one of our top chefs has proved that dunking biscuits makes them taste better. Heston Blumenthal, who is famous for creating dishes like snail porridge and bacon and egg ice-cream, likes to test tastes scientifically. He used x-rays to prove that melting the chocolate on biscuits gives a very smooth surface. Also, dunking changes the texture and makes people react differently to the smell of the biscuit, giving it a nicer taste. The scientist who carried out the tests for the chef said: "It was a great excuse to have a few tea breaks."

Another celebration for the Queen

The Queen and her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary this week. They are among fewer than 2,000 couples each year who reach this anniversary, officially called the Blue Sapphire anniversary, and the Queen is the only British monarch to have done so. The numbers of couples who are married for 65 years is expected to drop from now on, as people marry later in life than they used to.
The couple celebrated privately.

Church of England rejects women bishops

The Church of England has had women vicars (priests) for 20 years, but they have not been able to progress to senior positions in the Church.
This week there was a vote in the Church's council, called the Synod, on whether women could become Bishops. There is a very complicated voting system. Bishops and priests voted for the change, but the proposal was rejected by just six votes among church members. There are now questions over what should happen next, as senior leaders and most of  the church supports the idea of women bishops.

Chelsea FCC gets ninth manager in 9 years

Six months after Chelsea won the Champions League and the FA Cup under manager Roberto de Matteo, he has been fired and replaced with Raphael Benitez.

Nobody was surprisd by the news. The club has got a reputation now for changing managers. Only one of the last five has been at the club for a whole season.
Chelsea had only won two matches out of the past eight, and the club is apparently hoping to hire a former Barcelona manager in the summer.   

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