This week's UK news: 22 March 2013
22 March 2013

Spring comes to the UK (officially)

This week was the official start of spring in the UK, but the weather doesn't seem to know that. It is likely to be the coldest March for 50 years. This week has ended with the northern half of the UK suffering from snow and blizzards, and freezing temperatures everywhere except the south-west, which has heavy rain and floods.

The Easter weekend at the start of April is a public holiday in the UK, with four days off work for most people. The weather is usually warm enough for people to do some gardening or spend time outdoors. Weather experts are warning that the weather is still likely to be very cold at Easter this year.

Charity event raises more than GBP 75m

Comic Relief is a charity which began in 1985 and runs a big TV fundraising event every two years, called Red Nose Day. This is because the event was started by comedians, and they used a red clown's nose to publicise it.

The event has an all-night TV show with comedians doing special routines, asking viewers to donate money for good causes. Money is also raised by ordinary people doing special things, and by supermarkets selling red noses to children.

This year's Red Nose Day raised more than GBP 75,000. A hundred pounds was raised by a five year old girl, Kate Almond, who had her long hair cut for the first time. The hair was given to make a wig for a young cancer patient. A politician also had to pay lots of money to charity after promising a donation every time her Tweet was re-Tweeted. After just 35 minutes, she had to pay more than GBP 14,000.

Backache? Blame your smartphone

Smartphones, tablets and laptops could be causing health problems because of the way people use them, researchers say. Office workers sit in strange positions to use the gadgets, which can cause long-term damage to their bodies.

Nine positions which could cause trouble were identified by researcher. They included the Swipe, where a tablet computer is flat on a desk and the user has to crane their neck over it.

Princess Diana dress sells for more than GBP 200,000

Princess Diana was very well known for her clothes. This week a collection of her dresses was sold at auction. They included a very famous dark blue evening dress, in which Princess Diana danced with film star John Travolta in 1985.

The dress was sold to a British man as a surprise present for his wife. 


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