This week's UK news: 5 April 2013
5 April 2013

Queen gets acting award

The BAFTAs are Britain's version of the Oscars. Each year we have a special BAFTA ceremony where awards are given for acting and to other people who have helped to make films and TV programmes. This week the Queen was given a BAFTA for her support of the British film and television industry - with lots of jokes about her performance as a "Bond girl" in the Olympics opening ceremony. She was the star of a short film where James Bond collected her at Buckingham Palace and then apparently parachuted out of a helicopter into the Olympic Stadium.

Actor Kenneth Branagh, handing her the award, said: "Several of my colleagues here tonight want you to know that should you wish to take it further into the world of British films that they have a number of scripts with them here this evening."

Dark Side of the Moon to become a radio play

Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon is one of the world's best-selling albums. It was released in 1973, and remained in the pop charts until 1988, selling around 50 million copies.

British playwright Sir Tom Stoppard has been thinking about creating a play around the album since it was released. Now he's written a radio play which will be broadcast during the August bank holiday on public broadcast radio. The album will be played in full during the performance, which tells the story of a young couple.

"This is... I think, the first time anything like this has been done on radio," said Sir Tom.

April Fool's Day brings jokes to our newspapers and TV

There is a tradition in the UK of playing jokes and tricks on April 1. Newspaper readers have to look carefully to spot the silly stories, and even Google launched something called Google Nose, where people were told they could smell things on their computer screens.

This year's silly stories included Virgin Airlines introducing a glass-bottomed plane, and the Guardian said it had created its own "smart glasses" so readers could see reviews of restaurants they were close to. One newspaper said that Rolling Stones Mick Jagger and Ronnie Wood had gone camping in the snow to prepare for their appearance at the Glastonbury festival.

The trouble is that some silly stories turned out to be true. In one, the Prime Minister rescued a sheep from a bog. In another, the Times reported that NASA was planning to catch an asteroid in a giant bag and tow it to the Moon.

Father jailed for life for killing six of his children

The biggest story of the week in the UK has been the trial of a mother and father whose children died in a house fire. It was a very complicated story because the father, Mick Philpott, was living in the house with his wife and girlfriend and their 11 children before the fire. Their living arrangements were so unusual that they had appeared on TV.

Philpott decided to set fire to the house after his girlfriend moved out with their five children. He wanted to get the children back and decided to set fire to the house and blame it on his girlfriend. He hoped to be seen as a hero for rescuing his six children.

Philpott got his wife and his best friend to help in the plan. Very sadly, the fire was so fierce that they could not rescue the children who were sleeping in the house, and they died. Philpott has been sentenced to life imprisonment, and his wife and friend to 17 years in prison. People have been horrified by Philpott's actions.


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