Why study English in the UK?

Around 500,000 people travel to the UK every year to learn English. It's home to the English language. It has the best choice of English language courses anywhere in the world. And its qualifications are recognised wherever you go.

The UK is an exciting place to live too, with a rich mix of history, culture, global influences and opportunities to learn and progress in any chosen career.

8 good reasons

Here are ten reasons why you should consider studying English in the UK.

  1. The biggest range of English language courses in the world
  2. A worldwide reputation for academic excellence
  3. Qualifications that are recognised and valued all over the world
  4. Accredited courses that offer great value for money
  5. A rich history and culture
  6. The opportunity to make friends from all over the world
  7. Good travel links around the UK and into Europe
  8. It's the birthplace and home of the English language